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Starting to relax…..

Now that tax season is over and I have returned from the Texas trip for Mom’s funeral, I have finally had a bit of time to do some things that have been on my list for a LONG time!! 

The first of these was to do something about storing my necklaces.  For many years I have hung them on the rungs of an expandable rack and it has worked fairly well, however in recent years I have added more and more (mostly from our trips) and something else was needed.   Here is a photo of the original racks although I had already removed a bunch of the necklaces before I remembered to photograph it!!!

My original thought was to buy another rack but then had the idea to make something with wooden strips and small nails.  So, after a quick trip to Lowes to procure supplies, I headed out to the workshop to see what I could come up with. 

I decided to play a bit first and see if it would work and immediately found a problem….

…..I am not good enough at nailing to actually get the nails in straight!!!

So after some thought, I decided to pre-drill the holes and use the holes as a guide to place the nails….

It worked SO much better!!!

I measured the closet to figure out how much room I had and then measured my necklaces to determine how far apart the shelves needed to be to allow the necklaces to hang properly.

Once I had the three original shelves made I decided that I wanted to hook them all together so that I could just use two screw to attach them to the wall.  I used Gorilla Glue to attached the hanging bar and then added a wood screw from the back to further secure it…..

I only had one incident with this!!  I had a small open area where it didn’t make sense to hang necklaces so decided to make it shorter and put my bracelets on it.  This meant that there was a certain configuration that these two racks needed to be in in order to fit in the closet.   Unfortunately I glue and screwed them together in the wrong configuration!!

So, another trip to buy a few more boards and I was back in business.

Back in the closet, I leveled the shelf and screwed it in place…..

I had a wonderful time adding my necklaces and bracelets…..

…..and even more fun the next morning when I picked out a necklace that I normally didn’t wear because I couldn’t see it easily in the old configuration!!!

I made the earring holder many years ago, using screen wire attached between two wooden lathe strips.   The smaller one on the right was my original one but I really like the larger version better!!

Okay…that is one project down for the summer!!!!  

My desire is to be able to spend this summer balancing between the things that I HAVE to do, the things that I WANT to do and the things that have been long-term residents on my “To-Do” list.   Bring it on!!!

4 thoughts on “Starting to relax…..

  1. So cool! I am trying to learn a little bit about woodworking myself so that I can build little things like this. I just used a jigsaw for the first time yesterday, and all of a sudden I am overcome with the desire to skulk around in the power tool department in Lowe's!

  2. You really have thrown yourself into everything and now look at how organised you are. Hope everything is all settled since your return from Texas.

  3. What a great idea! I have seen lots of gadgets in stores and online, but your idea seems much more practical and holds lots of jewelry. Bravo!

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