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Another month of 2017 gone

I am having trouble believing that it has been a whole month since I last posted and unfortunately, the Roman Tile quilt that I talked about last time is still exactly where it was!!!   There has, however, been some quilting going on….or at least piecing.

The first project was for a University of Georgia display about the Women’s Temperance movement.  One of our guild members is working with the project and offered to provide several small quilts highlighting some of the quilt blocks that were used in the movement.   I offered to make the “T” blocks and had a fun time piecing these in traditional blue and white….IMG_3656

Next, my friend Sylvia is getting started in the quilt business in a big way and is in the process of developing new patterns.   She is a scientist by training and those interests often shine thru in her wonderful quilts.   She asked several people if they would be willing to test some patterns and I got….TWISTERS……


I had a great time playing with fabrics and particularly like the middle one!!

The best tip that Sylvia gave in her instructions was to start the curved piecing with the top fabric being 1/4 inch from the top….IMG_3663

I had always lined the edges up at the top but this seemed to help with the piecing.

I believe that Sylvia will be a force in future quilting and am very excited to see how things are happening for her.  She recently filmed a sequence on “Fresh Quilting” which is a PBS show about modern quilting and was also awarded the “Craftsy Quilt Designer Fellowship”.  Check out her website for more…..http://flyingparrotquilts.com/

In other news….. 

Our church plant had rented a storefront that desperately needed some spiffing up.  One of our members is a woodworker and built a wonderful wall as a centerpiece to the worship area.   As he worked it reminded me so much of the quilting process.   He first laid out all of his boards….by the way these are mostly old pallets……


He then picked a few boards  and started “piecing”….IMG_1364We didn’t get to stay for the rest of the creative process but were excited to walk in the next morning and see this fantastic addition to our worship space…..IMG_3650

I particularly like the few bits of teal and purple…..


Finally, several months back Michael and I decided that we needed to get our wood floors re-sanded and finished, and while they were here, we would get all of the downstairs carpet pulled up and replaced with more hardwood.  So, 10 days ago the movers came and moved all of our downstairs furniture out into the garage and we began our minimalist existence….IMG_3773

The floors have now been installed but we found out today that they cant get back here for another 3 weeks to do the sanding and varnishing!!

And to make matters even worse, Irma has swooped in this week and we spent about 22 hours without electricity.  So at the time of writing this,  I am sitting in an empty room, in the dark and using my computer until the battery dies!!

Two other updates that I just thought of…..

The Quilt of Valor that I made was presented a couple of weeks ago and I was excited to see photos of the gentleman who it was awarded to….20800128_10210261834167406_9097293379766997598_n

Finally, we had dinner with Baby Bo’s parents last Thursday and it was great fun to see his quilt being used to keep this sweet boy warm…..


Ok….I guess that mostly catches us up.

Until next time….keep on quilting!!

2 thoughts on “Another month of 2017 gone

  1. You have been busy! It is so difficult to keep up with anything when your home is turned upside down with all the floors being done. Good luck with that! And the decorative wood wall does look amazing.

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