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Step right up and see the amazing Bovine Woman!!!

Yes, I can officially say that I am a cow…. Yesterday’s Rotator-Cuff surgery ended up being a bit more extensive than planned but it is over now and I will definitely feel better….once I get out of the sling in 4 to 6 weeks. One of the things that the surgeon did was to insert a strip of bovine collagen that is supposed to help strengthen the shoulder tissue. So you see, I am now part cow.

During one of my wakeful periods last night, I started thinking about this phenomenon and had a good giggle remembering how my father felt about his cows. He loved them like pets and I think he would be happy to know that I am now “part bovine”.

As I thought more about him, I was reminded of a photo that I had come across at my Mom’s house in which my dad is pictured feeding one of his favorite cows……2013_08_27_12_14_46

And, the idea for a new quilt was formed!

The photo quality isn’t great but hopefully I can crop it down and pull enough detail to make it look realistic.2013_08_27_12_14_46

I know that I will enjoy working on this reminder of my sweet Dad!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Step right up and see the amazing Bovine Woman!!!

  1. Never thought of the idea of being part cow, but if that is what it takes to work, sounds great to me!!Good to know you are well and now all that needs to be done is for your to rest and recuperate. Good luck and keep thinking up quilt ideas!

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