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Show Time!!!

This past weekend our guild celebrated with our 15th biennial quilt show and it was a huge success.   We had over 1200 visitors which is about 250 more than we have ever had before.   As this year’s show chairman, I was PUMPED!!

My quilts did well in the show, with “Vila Do Conde Friendship Garden” receiving 2nd place…..

IMG_7617 (2).jpg

“All Tatted Up” got an Honorable Mention…..IMG_7632.jpg


The judge even liked the sponge painted corners!!!


“The Tiles of San Giovani” received an Honorable Mention…..

The Tiles of San Giovanni.jpg


“Snowed Under” was also awarded Honorable Mention…..IMG_5449.jpg


As usual, our ribbons were amazing…..


I really appreciated the attention to detail…..

IMG_7799 (2).jpg


But, the quilt that brought the most comments was “My Favorite Earrings”…..



It was such fun to walk past the bay where it was displayed and hear people oohing and aahing over it!!   There is something about it that just makes people smile!!

My favorite ribbon of the show was the Blue ribbon in the Novice Division that sweet Claire received for her quilt made for her Mom and Dad……


The judging this year was done by Doris Goins and I really enjoyed listening to her comments and watching her judge the show.   It was even more interesting when I looked at the judges comments on my 7 quilts and saw that MOST of them had the same two comments.   The first was tension issues in the quilting which I have already fixed when I tightened the screw in the bobbin casing.   The second was that my binding was well done but that my mitered  corners need work to be square.   So that definitely gives me something to work on and learn how to do better!!

All in all, the weekend was a blast!!   It is always so much fun to talk quilting for hours at a time, with quilters and non-quilter’s alike.  Although we got off to a rough start with the quilt frames collapsing after we had hung about 75% of the quilts (!!!!), everyone rallied together to re-set and re-brace the frames and then re-hang the quilts.   Amazingly, everything was finished and we all got to go home shortly after the opening ceremony!!    On Friday we had 225 visitors in the first hour and, when parking ran short, I ended up running a shuttle from a local church to the civic center.   Note to self….must have a parking director next time!!!!  We closed the show out with a bang….literally….as severe thunderstorms roared thru the area, leaving us loading trucks in the rain and dashing to our cars with our precious quilts tucked safely under our arms!!

This beautiful sight was the end to a magnificent weekend……


So now I am back to doing tax work and starting to get geared up for my daughter’s wedding in THREE weeks!!

My goals for February worked pretty well, although I missed one week of blogging and those two pounds are still around….but at least they haven’t brought any new friends with them!!

Until next time……


8 thoughts on “Show Time!!!

  1. Frances, you have lots to be proud of and a successful show as well. A deep breath and off to the next thing. Well done.

  2. Nearly missed this post!
    Congratulations and well done. First on the success of the show and secondly on the results for your entries.
    There is always so much work involved and it is wonderful see it all work out.

  3. I loved the show and all of the beautiful and interesting quilts. Looking forward to the next show. All of your quilts were beautiful. Congrats on your awards.

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