Just make up your mind already!!

Over the last few years I have been slowly working on a Christmas Pineapple Quilt that will be big enough to be a bedspread during the holiday season. It has been a SLOW process as I have only worked on it at our Guild Retreats, and, let’s face it, much of that time is spent talking and eating….with a little bit of sleeping thrown in for good measure!!

But, the Pineapple blocks lend themselves to mindless sewing and that is exactly what I have wanted!!

When I first started this project, I spent quite a bit of time designing the perfect combination of blocks…..


……but when I laid it out, it looked really muddled and you couldn’t see any defined pattern. It was disappointing but I wanted to keep sewing so just continued to make blocks.  When I got home, I tried even more layouts…..


….and MORE layouts……img_8281.jpg


So, another year rolled around and I changed my mind AGAIN about how I was going to set the blocks, and made TONS of Red and Green blocks and cut out COPIOUS red strips to use in the new design……..


Unfortunately, when I pulled it out last week, I couldn’t remember exactly what my plan had been so I had to start over yet again!!!   I THINK that I now have a good plan although I did realize that I had planned it to be 16 inches too big!!   Obviously, the Math side of my brain shut down after April 15th!!!  

Anyway, I leave on Tuesday for another guild retreat and I want to finish as many of these blocks as I can and JUST GET THE QUILT ON THE BED!!!!

I have cut all of the pieces, and bagged them up in order of use……



Operation “FINISH THAT QUILT” commences at 10:30 Tuesday morning!!!





4 thoughts on “Just make up your mind already!!

    1. These blocks are not paper pieces but use a special ruler to square up after each round. That are super simple to do!!! Hopefully I will get it finished this time before I forget again!!!

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