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Displacement activity…the quilting way

Do you every suffer from a creative block that is caused by being too scared to continue on? This post details the latest of such blocks for me and how I put the ensuing displacement activity to good use…….

In the previous post, I talked about the plans that I have made for the interior square of the Color wheel Squiggle…..lots of circles arcing from the center. I ended the post with the question of whether or not I could actually accomplish this feat!!! This is where my displacement activity sets in……

My husband, the biologist, told me that the classic example of displacement activity is when there is a mouse in a cage with the snake. Knowing that it is about to be eaten, the mouse starts preening itself rather than running away. Fortunately, my quilt is not a snake, but I sometimes feel that I am about to be bitten by it!!!

In most cases my displacement activities include internet surfing, computer game playing, and LOTS of doing absolutely nothing. This time, at least it was something productive……

As I posted about here, I had purchased a cheater cloth piece to do some machine quilting practice and was happy about what I had accomplished so far. Then I noticed that there was a small strip at the top of the quilt that I should have cut off before I added the borders and basted the quilt……

So, I put my displacement skills to good use and unpicked the small amount of “in the ditch” quilting, cut off the offending strip and then re-sewed the border…..

This looks so much better and will ready for me to get back to quilting on it…..

At least my displacement activity resulted in something being done this time!!

What is your displacement activity…..and PLEASE tell me that you do this as well!!

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