I Cant Help It…..it’s in my genes!!

My husband, Michael, is a geneticist who loves to observe people and make comparisons between related individuals, noticing where genetic similarities occur. When he takes a good look at my creative ancestry, he can also see similarities that have endured through many generations. As the title says “I can’t help it…..it’s in my genes!!”

In particular, the Quilting Gene flowed freely thru many past generations and has landed squarely on me. I am fortunate that I own a number of quilts that were made by my “fore-mothers”, starting with my Great Grandmother…..

Nancy Louisa Messer was born in 1876 in my current home state of Georgia. She married John Albert Hall in 1894 and moved to DeKalb County, Alabama, and then to Commanche, Texas where she lived for the rest of her life. Her death was in 1954, three years before I was born.

She was of the generation of women who made quilts for the sole purpose of keeping her family warm, although, like women before and after her, she used them as an exercise in creativity.

This is one of her quilts, made in the 1930’s…..

The pattern is a variation of a Caesar’s Crown and is made from whatever scraps she had on hand at the time.

I love all of these blocks, but especially this one made with a bright plaid……

It is 63″ by 82″ and is HEAVY…..it would certainly have kept my grandmother and her siblings warm on those cold December nights in Texas.

Even though I never met her, when I look at this quilt, I feel a deep connection to her and I am proud to be her Great Grand-daughter!!

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