Isn’t this funicular pointed the wrong direction??

Saturday morning started out with rain again, but it soon cleared up and we headed out for Castel Sant’Elmo, a huge fort-like edifice that overlooks our area of Naples. The trick of the day was to figure out exactly how to get there. We knew that there was a funicular but we couldn’t figure out how to get to that station. So, we climbed back on the metro train and went a few stops further where it said that there were Escalators. We walked out of the station an started following the signs for the Castel and, lo and behold, there were escalators!!

Then we saw the sign for the funicular and both sighed with relief that we had found what we were looking for. We bought our round trip tickets and happily climbed aboard the train but became disoriented when we realized that the train was pointing DOWN rather than up. But then the doors closed and there was nothing more that we could do, except enjoy the ride down. Now most funicular rides are short and sweet, but this one went on for about 15 minutes and even had a station stop in the middle.

When we arrived at the BOTTOM of the ride, we got out, found a sign that said Castel Sant’Elmo was UP….got back on and took the ride back up again!!!

When we arrived back where we had started, we followed the signs up a couple of flights of stairs, and we were there…..

Castel Sant’Elmo is a fortress located on a hill overlooking the city of Naples. The structure is dated to 1275, but was enlarged in the 1300’s.

One of the things that I loved about this castel were all of the windows, doors and other unknown openings that it contained…..

There was a church inside the fort boundaries, built in 1547…..

It was a small chapel and, of course, my eye was drawn to the candelabra design…..

Even though the structure was amazing, the real point for the climb is to see the views of Naples…..

And of course, Vesuvius hovered ominously nearby!!!

I loved the colors in these buildings……

….and when I saw this church down below…..

….I immediately had to zoom in to see the tile floor in the entrance……

We enjoyed looking at this piece of artwork….a mix between a Dalek and Darth Vader….

My favorite shot of the outing was this one…..

Back in our train station, we spent a few minutes looking at the tile designs on the wall. I never figured out what the overall design was (maybe you can see it and let us know)….

….but it was interesting to look at the individual tile sections, especially this first one where they had used organic materials between the tiles…..

We returned to the flat, happy with our excursion and determined next time to check and see WHICH direction the funicular was going BEFORE we got on!!!!

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