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Trying for more contemporary art…..

On Wednesday morning, Michael and I both stayed in and had a later start. He had to be at the University by 3:00, so left about 1:00 to make the journey. I left at the same time, heading to Museo Madre….the biggest contemporary art museum in the area.

Many of the exhibits were considered as Site art…..they were designed for the particular room and, in many cases were permanently attached to the room. Here are a couple of examples…..

As a whole, I would describe the exhibits as “meh”, but there were several pieces that I did enjoy. The first was a piece by Umberto Manzo, the same artist as yesterday. He must have THOUSANDS of kids drawings to work with…..

I really liked this aluminum piece by Getulio Alviana, especially the depth that you saw when looking from the front…..

….but realizing that it was totally flat when looked at from the side…..

I was also intrigued by this drawing on one of the walls….

…but even more intrigued when I started thinking about doing machine quilting along these lines (pun not intended but it does work)…..

There was this piece (by Bruno Di Bello) that I could see as a quilt design…..

I spent an inordinate amount of time observing this wall…..

The yellow design is painted on the wall and the bars are a shiny metal so that it reflects the design on the wall. AND, it changed as you moved around and observed the reflection from different angles.

There was one room with a bunch of tile designs…..

Several of them were interesting, especially the ones making use of insects and other animals…..

As I walked into an outside courtyard, I noticed a cupola and steeple not far from me…..

I figured out that it was Chiesa Cathedrale De Napoli and decided to head there next. As churches go, it is very ornate…..

….even some of the side Apses…..

….and the ceilings as well…..

I did find three things that I liked greatly. The first was this tile floor…..

It is seldom that you see these as long rectangles rather than cubes.

I loved this stained glass window…..

…probably because of the simplicity of the scene.

Finally, it was fun to look at some of the old frescoes that were preserved in the church…..

This quiet primitiveness is more to my taste!!

As I left the church, I took one more photo to capture the gorgeous skies……

I now headed back along Christmas Alley and found it to be much less busy today and a lot more fun to walk thru. I searched until I found a sewing machine scene…..

As I slowly made my way back home, I bought a few souvenirs for myself and friends and then passed a clothing store that I hadn’t seen before. The other two that I had visited had been European stores….ie…located all over the continent. This one was “Piazza Italia” and only contained clothing made in Italy. I spent the next hour trying on clothes and emerged with a hefty bag to carry back to the flat!!! We are definitely going to have to either buy another suitcase or pack a bunch of stuff into a canvas bag that we brought with us!!!

Michael texted that he was on his way back to the flat and I was able to have dinner pretty much ready when he arrived. We were both too pooped to walk out for Gelato so just called it a day…..

All in all, it was a fun day!!!

2 thoughts on “Trying for more contemporary art…..

  1. You are finding so many fascinating places. I agree about the gallery/ museum. The church was fascinating.
    How exciting to find clothes to your liking that can come home with you!

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