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Using the best tools!!!

As I mentioned previously, my husband Michael has a side business where he writes about hunting and firearms. As part of this he is often sent firearms to review, with the latest being a rifle that was designed for long-range targets. Since he needed help at the range, I went along as his photographer, videographer and spotter.

After a few shots at various range targets he asked me if I wanted to try it. Now, I have never shot a high-powered rifle before and never really had any desire to, but he encouraged me to try this one. And, boy was I surprised…..

The design of the firearm meant that there was virtually no recoil and the scope meant that it was easy to spot the targets. My shots at 100 and 200 yards were close to perfect.

As the targets moved further out, we needed something to help with the calculations…..in this case a Handheld Ballastic Computer…..

This thing is seriously cool!!! You enter the specs of the rifle you are shooting and the ammo that you are using. Then you hold it out to check wind speed and direction. Finally, you enter the distance at which you are shooting and VOILA…..you are given the settings that you need to use on the scope to effectively reach the target.

We kept shooting and moving out 100 yards at a time. The final target was 715 yards (2/5ths of a mile) away and this was my grouping…..

Not too bad for a beginner….

…… but I do have to share my kudos with the tools that we used!!

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