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She is under the needle and I am scared to death!!!

After the last post where I talked about turning my “Henna girl” into a flower girl, several of my quilting friends initiated a discussion on Facebook and the bottom line was that everyone thought that I should just leave her as she was and not add anything. Since these are all women whose advice I respect, I decided to do just that!!!

I did want to break the background up a bit so I played (on paper) with adding some lines…..

But the question was what color of fabric to use for the small stripes. I started with black, but it was too dark. Then I went to a mottled grey but it still didn’t look right. So I pulled out my paints and trusty sea sponge…..

…and added some additional colors to the strips.

To attach the strips to the background, I used my ruler to keep things relatively straight and dotted glue along the line…..

After the lines were added, it was time to add the girl, once again using dots of glue.

Next, I played with colors of tulle to put on the top and ended up deciding to use a “grey/violet” (shown on the right here)…….

I did a bit of research about how to hold the tulle in place and ended up on Susan Carlson’s blog. she said to, once again, use dots of glue!!……

…but to spread the glue out well when the tulle is added.

So, now I was ready to quilt…..and just a little bit nervous about it!!! I am very concerned about quilting / thread painting this piece so started on the easiest part…..the stripes in the background……

I finished off my creative time for the day by quilting a few lines in her head-wrap and then outlining her body.

I am super happy with what I got done and hopefully will be brave enough to continue with the quilting!!!

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