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The Not-Negative Post

Yes……the double negative was on purpose!!

Four days ago, on April 15th, I was in a funk. It was the original tax deadline day and I was NO WHERE near finished. I was feeling like there was a big rock sitting on my chest that simply wouldn’t budge.

I sat at my computer and wrote a VERY negative post…..and then deleted it the next day!!!!

But since then, the rock has slowly, ever slowly, started to budge. I am finally getting tax returns finished, Financial Statements issued and 3 clients have received the Small Business Administration Loans that will help their businesses to survive!!

My mood was also lifted by receiving this sweet note in the mail…..

….made by one of the wonderful university students from our Church.

Then there is this gorgeous lily blooming in the back yard…..

…..these two deer crossing the road on our walk (followed by yet another one)……

And, finally, finding the PERFECT Zoom meeting background screen……

What else could I want!!!!!

And, before I know it, it will be……

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