Inspiration Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, so there must be some…..

Long before the Corona invasion, there was a guild retreat planned for the first week in May. As with everything else right now, it has been canceled.

However, while there, I was planning to work on something totally mindless…something scrap…..something with nothing but sewing and ironing!!! I was thinking either charity quilts or Quilt’s of Valor.

The last two QoV’s that I made were NOT well planned. I started out with an idea and eventually turned them into tops, although it was NOT an easy task……

And, I even failed to even take a photo of the right one with full borders on it!!!

My plan is to make one and maybe two tops in the next month or so and wanted a definite pattern to work with. Time was spent searching internet images and ideas for QOV’s, coming up with a total of 21 ideas!!!

I picked out my favorites and planned 4 of them in EQ…..

I will probably start with the first two as they are a bit less complicated but I would love to do the second set as well.

Now to get started!!!

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