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Storing the leftovers

Yesterday I finished ironing and folding all of the fabrics in my studio…..

…….and was left with all of the little pieces that were too small or irregular to put onto the shelves. After a bit of thought, I decided to store them in a small plastic box.

First step was to figure out how big the pieces needed to be. After doing some measurements, I cut a piece of foam board 5×8 inches and checked to see that it fit perfectly in the box…..

I used this piece of cardboard as a guide for folding the fabrics..

First was to lay the fabric piece out…..

Then iron the extra bits in to form a rectangle…..

Use the pattern board to measure how tall the fabric needs to be…….

After ironing it to the correct height, place the pattern board on the far right side and then flip it over one time……

Next, fold the fabric to the left of the board over and iron it in place……

Finally, fold this piece in half……

….giving a perfect 5×8 rectangle of fabric.

They all look so pretty in the box…….

2 thoughts on “Storing the leftovers

  1. So pretty and your solution to the nonconformists is great. Makes me wanna redo my stash but…
    I know it will only look like this for 24hours so I have mine on wire racks by colour, bits in plastic (overflowing) shoe boxes and the whole shebang is covered by white sheets. Not that the sheets hold back the dangly bits but at least it looks neat!
    You have done an amazing job!!!

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