Passing along the passion……

Several weeks ago a young friend contacted me and said that she was wanting to do some sewing and could she find a decent machine for under $100. As I prepared to write back, I started thinking about my old Singer machine that was my THIRD machine and hadn’t been used in years…..

So, instead of telling her what kind of machine to buy, I packed mine up and sent it to her. But I couldn’t just send the machine, I had to send the box of goodies…..

…..a pin cushion that I made about 15 years ago…..

…and a few extra rulers, scissors, rotary cutters, quilting supplies, etc…..

And, of course, there needed to be something to wrap and protect the goodies…..

EVERYTHING that I sent was something extra and it felt so good to move it out of my life and into someone else’s!!!!

I can’t wait to see where this leads…..

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