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Am I doing this wrong?

About 5 years ago I purchased a Juki TL2200QVP Mini…..

And I absolutely love it!!!!

One thing different about it is the two sets of tension discs……

When you look at the threading instructions it shows this diagram…..

On here, it looks as if the thread goes straight from the three-holed thread guide onto the top tension disc. However, I always wondered how much good it was doing since the thread only wound half way around it.

Several months ago, my friend Linda suggested that I join the “Juki Junkies” Facebook group and I have loved the tips that I have picked up from it.

The other day there was a discussion about tension problems and someone mentioned that the thread needed to go UNDER the small hook before it winds around the top tension dial……SMALL HOOK……what SMALL HOOK!!!!

So, I had a good, up-close look at my machine and sure enough there is a small hook…..

I have now threaded the machine including the small hook and cant wait to see if it makes a difference….especially when FMQing.

I sometimes worry that I spend too much time online, reading these posts, but then I get a great tip like this and it all seems okay again!!!

So….now it is time to stop reading and get back to sewing!!!

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