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Throwback Thursday (a little late)…..

….well Friday actually…. I posted the wrong one yesterday!!!!

My Mother, Lois Swinson was an amazing quilter. She did mostly handwork and spent many of her nights with some form of needlework in her lap. She had the bad habit of putting her pins and needles in the arm rest of the couch that she sat on!! I think about this often when I reach over to put a pin in my pincushion!!

When I was in High School (in the 1970’s), Mom decided that I needed 5 quilts for my “Hope Chest”. This Double Wedding Ring Quilt was one of those….

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

She spent MONTHS on this quilt and many times swore that she would never make another one!! She kept the quilting fairly simple…..

….and agonized over the scalloped binding…..

Mom was never a purist when it came to fabric content so there quite a bit of polyester floating around in it. But if you are old enough to remember, you know that polyester was what was readily available and Mom, who grew up during The Depression, would NEVER waste fabric.

It is one of my favorite quilts. I love the sparkle in the design and especially love seeing the fabrics that were old friends!!!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday (a little late)…..

  1. What a gorgeous quilt, Frances! And to make 5 handmade quilts for a hope chest, that’s quite an undertaking.

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