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Quilting for Charity (and practice)

A little ways back I posted a video about how to spray baste a quilt. As I mention there, it was a charity quilt top that was given to me so that I could practice some quilting.

I normally quilt with a 50 weight thread and have been happy with the results, but when I was at the Houston show last year, I started thinking about trying some heavier threads. I bought three, two 30 wt Aurifil threads……

…..and one 12 wt Superior thread…..

I did a little bit with the rulers but didn’t have much luck with making it look okay (sometimes it is just that way) so I ended up doing most of it freehand. These were both done with the Aurifil……

I did a very SMALL amount of quilting using the 12 wt thread but it kept breaking so I quickly put it aside.

For the border, I turned to an old favorite thread….a 30 wt Variegated Sulky…..

I did not end up spending as much time on this quilt as I had planned but am okay with how it turned out……

I have learned that I REALLY like working with the 30 wt threads but am not sure that I will ever use a 12 wt thread again…..at least not without a LOT of practice!!!

3 thoughts on “Quilting for Charity (and practice)

  1. I’ve been watching Alex Anderson and she uses a poly cotton blend. I am rethinking the whole thread issue as some of my older machine quilted quilts have lots of thread breakage with all cotton. Interesting!!!

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