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Meadow Art….collecting the supplies

On Monday morning I had planned to start with my new drawing/painting regime, but I had several errands that had to be done in the morning and simply ran out of time. Plus, I managed to lose the leaf that I had collected for my first drawing inspiration!! I did eventually find it, but decided that it was telling me that it was okay to put it off for a bit.

Since one of my errands was to a local art/craft/fabric store, I spent some time going thru the supply list for the Meadow Quilt and seeing what I actually had on hand.

I pulled out the box labeled…..

“Other” meaning non-quilting fabrics….you can see that I don’t own many!!!

I found an inspiring array of fabrics, including two pieces of “Color Catcher” that might work as well……

The printed piece on the right is probably a polyester so I will see how it accepts the dye before I use any of it.

I also found a white silk scarf that had come as a freebie when I placed a dye order many years ago…..

Then I moved to my box of laces and trims and began looking for pieces that could look like flowers or weed in the background. Remember that these will all be painted over…..

My favorite find of the day was a long piece of tatted Tricot loops that my Grandmother made……

It will be so much fun to include a small section of this in the project!!

As I head to the store today, I am going to look for “Daisy” trim that doesn’t have the green leaves in it, maybe a white burlap and some yellow tulle for the buttercups.

I did buy one thing from Amazon because I couldn’t find it anywhere around here…..horticultural fleece. If you are like me you are saying “W H A T”??? This is the lightweight fabric that you use to cover your plants during a freeze. I bought a HUGE piece of it but will only use a few inches….at least it isn’t expensive!!!

I think that this project will be a blast!!!!

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