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And we’ll have fun, fun fun…..

These arrived……

…..SIX new Westalee rulers designed to make wonderful wreath/circular designs!!!!

I immediately pulled out the first one and started playing!!! My first choice was the Spin-E-Fex #11…..

I was happy to see that each ruler came with a long strip of grip tape!!

I started out with the one of the simplest designs that can be made with this this ruler…..

This was quilted by placing the more rounded point at the center of the block…..

….and stitching all the way around the ruler….

When you get back to the center, you simply line the ruler up on the next registration mark……

….and sew again!!

The second design that I made used the same ruler but alternated which end was placed at the center…..

The final design used 16 registration marks and quilted each round with the ruler in the same orientation. I had one small slip-up but it still looks good…..

These are only a few of the designs that can be done with this one ruler…..and I have FIVE other new ones to play with after that!!!

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