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Quilt of Valor Finished!!

Despite the rocky start where my math skills were concerned (read about it here), I am happy with the way the Quilt of Valor finished up.

Where I left you on Tuesday, it was not big enough to fit the QOV requirements, so I needed to make it bigger!! Because the panel was so skinny, more needed to be added to the sides than to the top and bottom.

My solution was to add a column of gold and cream checkerboard blocks…..

Adding a few borders finished the quilt top perfectly!!!

I am pleased with the result and, as with any QOV, I hope that it will be used to warm and comfort someone who chose to serve so that I could also be warm and comforted!!!

2 thoughts on “Quilt of Valor Finished!!

  1. Thank you for honoring those who make it possible for you to do what you do so well…inspire, encourage, love and serve unconditionally

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