A Stroll Down the Garden Path

Back in 1996, all of us quilters were SO excited about mosaic landscape quilts and, of course, I had to make one!!!

I remember looking thru all of my scraps, especially those bits of floral that I had kept for just this purpose.

I was excited to find out that I could use the backs of some of fabrics to achieve a bit more shading and dimension…..

I spent a lot of time looking thru a reducing glass so that I could see how it would look from a distance!!

ONE HINT HERE….. if you need a reducing glass, purchase a door peep-hole instead…..

It only costs a few dollars and works wonderfully!!

It was fun to see the path grow from this diverse selection of fabrics…..

The final quilt turned out well…..

….and it happily graces my wall during the late spring!!

Scrappy Pyramids

For this week’s scrappy offering, we are back to another of my older quilts

And, I am ashamed to say, I don’t know if my Mom made this or if it was my Granny!! I thought that I had them all well documented, but I can’t find this one. Such a shame!!

Regardless of who the maker was, it is a fun quilt, filled with scrappy pyramids…..

I love this one….partly because of the fabrics used, but also because it is pieced with the pyramids facing the side instead of the top.

I love that many of the points have been lost in the piecing….see…I come by it naturally!!!

Actually, as I looked at it more, I think that it was designed for the points to be missing…..that is the only thing that would tell why the points are so symmetrically and perfectly missing!!

One of my friends has made tons of pyramid quilts and she swears that they are easy to do, but I have yet to try one!!!

It is hand quilted using the good old “Baptist Fan” design…..

Yet another fun quilt from my Quilting Family Tree!!

Scrapping with bears!!

My first memory of quilting was sitting at my Granny’s side as she pieced block after block after block. I remember the first block that I made under her tutelage…..sure wish that I still had it!!!

She was always smiling…..

…especially when surrounded by her bevy of grandchildren…..

That’s me in the pink dress on the right!!……circa 1962

Every summer she would invite us by twos to spend a week with her and it was one of the things that I looked forward to the most!

She ALWAYS had a quilt going, including this bear’s paw that she pieced and then my Mom added a border and hand quilted…..

Like my Mom, she loved to use red in a quilt and it sure made these blocks pop!!

Everything that she made was from scraps and I love the mixture of fabrics that are found in the quilt….

As “Bear’s Paw” blocks go, this one is pretty complicated, especially adding the on-point squares in each of the blocks.

It is a favorite quilt and I am so thankful that I get to enjoy her work!! I just wish she could see what I am doing now…..I think that she would be pleased!!

Super Fast Charity Quilt

During the middle of the pandemic last year, I made my way to the Guild’s Charity storage and grabbed a few things to work on. One of those had languished in my studio until my weekend quilting spree a couple of weeks ago.

I was presented with a stack of strips and other fabrics…..

….an 18 inch block started in a Courthouse Steps arrangement……

….and these instructions…..

It proved to be a great project for when I was tired and just wanted to sew!!

I enjoyed using the given fabrics and adding some more from my stash.

When it got to the width that I wanted, I started adding strips to the top and bottom and, very soon it was done….

The finished size was 36 x 44.

I think that it would be fun to do this in kid’s fabric or bright colors and would be a great use of all of those 2.5 inch strips that I have cut and organized!!!

Chinese Coins

A few weeks ago, I had talked about a stack of 6-inch squares that I had received from our Charity Bee. I was excited to see exactly what those disparate blocks would inspire!! The first quilt was the Pinwheel and was a flying success!!

Now it was time to use a few more of them….

Last year I had stumbled onto http://www.maryquilts.com and found many fun patterns with free pdf downloads. One, in particular, caught my eye…. an Easy Chinese Coin Quilt …..

Quilt calculations are never pretty!!

I wanted to make this as a charity quilt so knew that I would need to change the size of the quilt to something like this…..

I remembered this idea when I was cleaning up scraps and carefully put aside any 1.5-inch strips that were in the 2-inch to 6- inch range. I also cut up 30 of the 6-inch squares to supplement my scrap stack…..

Now the fun started!!

I began by pairing up the strips and soon had a nice stack of “doubles”…..

I wanted this quilt to be completely random, so I threw the strips into a box and made my self look away when I picked the two strips sets that were to be sewn…..

Very quickly, the 2’s became 4’s…..

…and the 4’s became 12’s.

At this point, I stopped and trimmed the strip sets down to the 5.5 inch size that I wanted……

After I had plenty of 5.5 inch sets, I started working on the 1.5 and 3.5 inch sets and, without a lot of thought, I had the coin strips all finished…..

I auditioned several fabrics for the setting columns but the navy blue was the ONLY way to go.

I LOVE this top…..

….and hope that it will make the recipient smile!!

It was super easy and fast to make but has a pleasing complexity as well.

There will DEFINITELY be more of these in my future!!