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Door Stop….

Michael and I are enamored with DOORS!! They can be big, small, wooden, glass….you name it and we will take a photo of it!!!

Today I have been playing with the designs from this door…..


I started out with a very intricate block spinning around the center square…..

© copyright 2020 (francesquilts)

But when I added it to a quilt, it was WAY TOO busy….

© copyright 2020 (francesquilts)

So I returned to a super simple block spinning around the center square….

Like the Mama Bear’s bed this one was WAY TOO boring!!!

Then I added four lines and things got interesting, although much different from the inspiration…..

This quilt was a still a bit boring, but when I changed the coloring, it got more exciting…..

© copyright 2020 (francesquilts)

A few more changes and I ended up here…..

I know that this is NOT an original design but it was an interesting exercise in how new designs are developed!!!

I will keep playing and maybe I can come up with something new!!!!

2 thoughts on “Door Stop….

  1. We’ve seen some lovely doors in our travels and they are really inspirational. I also enjoy tile patterns on floors!

    1. Oh I have tons of photos of my feet as I try to take pictures of floors. I once took 96 photos of the tile floor in a cathedral in Rome while two little ladies sat in the corner and laughed at me.

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