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Sculpture Inspiration

We have friends in Melbourne Australia who love to visit art installations and recently spent some time on Mornington Penninsula at the Pt. Leo Estate and Sculpture Park.

Vera posted photos on facebook and, naturally, I fell in love with one of them……

This is called “Mirri” and was created in 2018 by Reki Rennie. It is made from painted aluminum. I found the piece online and was interested to read the artist’s statement…..

The diamond or geometricized shield shape at the heart of Mirri’s composition is closely associated with the artist’s Kamilaroi heritage. Superimposed on the shield motif are two abstracted boomerang forms, whose opposing orientation recalls the pictorial formality of the Western tradition of heraldry.

Mirri’s fluorescent palette and pattern of broad chevrons – both are hallmarks of Rennie’s work – were created using vinyl stencils and automotive paints. They echo Rennie’s urban upbringing and formative years as a youthful creator of provocative and gaudy graffiti and street art.+

Having spent a number of hours this weekend looking at Modern Quilts on the QuiltCon website, I am even more inspired than I was!!!

Does this inspire you??? What inspires you?? Please share your thoughts!!

4 thoughts on “Sculpture Inspiration

  1. I’m afraid that I am a Traditionalist at heart. I can appreciate the thought and time that goes into making a modern quilt, but they are not for me!

  2. At the fringes of my memory is a pink-and-black blouse(?) in geometric patterns that my oldest daughter wore in the 1990s. I can’t quite remember it clearly, but I know something about the sculpture is tickling my data base. . .

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