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It’s an Odd-fellow

My Mom had one quilt that she always called her “Odd-fellow” quilt. I never knew the reason for the name but assumed it was because of the large number of fabrics involved. Officially, I think that an Odd-fellow quilt should not have any fabrics repeated in the quilt and that wasn’t the case here.

But….it still was a fun quilt……

The elongated hexagons made the perfect pattern for this quilt which Mom hand pieced and quilted…probably in the early 1940’s.

The quilt was well used and definitely is showing signs of the love…..

The batting is actual cotton that Mom picked from the field across from her house. They cleaned it and carded it and then laid it out on the backing fabric waiting for quilting!! It sure reminds me of just how spoiled I am!!

The binding was also special. As you can see in the previous photo, the top and bottom were straight bound, but on the sides Mom added a little touch…..

The full quilt is quilt colorful…..

….and in this larger photo, you can see the hand- quilted Baptist-Fans. I love to look at this particular quilt and think about the many nights that it was used to keep a family member warm and, it helps me to remember the quilting heritage that I come from!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s an Odd-fellow

  1. Thank you Frances for sharing this quilt. I had similar quilts like those that Andy’s grandmother made. I wish I had taken better care of them. They are beyond repairable. They were also quilteed with the baptist fan. Granny used a pencil and a string to mark it. She taught me to hand quilt. Lovely lady the Baptist fan must have been a trendy design.

  2. Its just lovely and makes me sew jealous because I remember a quilt top in a drawer. Actually the drawer the cat had her kittens in! I don’t know what my mum did with it but I suspect… I will never, ever, make a hexie and this was likely from my mum’s mother who I never knew. VBSigh

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