Quilting Along

My personal FMQ Boot-Camp has been a bit slower than I had hoped, but at least I am continuing to plow thru things.

In last weeks post, I noted that, if I wanted to improve, I needed to slow down and practice better!! Try my best to do it perfectly every time!!

This week I wanted to try a paisley design and found a good example in an Amanda Murphy book…..

This is the instruction page that she presents…..

After drawing it on paper, I realized that I struggled with keeping the size of the designs similar….they started out small and then got bigger as it went. So, I tried a second time and was much happier…..

I did realize that I needed to be careful about quilting myself into a corner!!!

At the machine, I slowed down and really tried to concentrate on the design. The first practice piece was okay…..

….but I decided to do it again to see if I could do better…..

There are a few wobbly designs on the left but that is because it was close to the edge and I didn’t have much fabric to hold on to and found it hard to control.

I like this design and want to spend some more time playing with it…..maybe on one of the charity quilt tops that I have floating around!!

I am enjoying this process of pushing myself to try different patterns and am thinking that you might enjoy joining me!!

So, keep your eyes open for MOVE IT!!!……an FMQ Boot-Camp!!! Coming in April……

4 thoughts on “Quilting Along

  1. Yes, keeping your brain, foot and hands all moving at the same pace it tricky!
    When I was taught this pattern it was called teardrop. I do like the way there are different names for so many things.

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