Fabric banners help with Church aestheteics

Many years ago Michael and I were attending a church that met in a school gym. Needless to say, the aesthetics were less than pleasing!! In an effort to soften the stage area, I made a series of banners that could hang on the back wall of the stage.

The first of these was a stylized cross….actually there were two of them!!!

I based it on a photo from some now-forgotten book and, since I didn’t have a pattern, I had to improvise as I went. Since I was making two of them and wanted them to be exactly the same, it was a very slow process!!! AND, it took a big chunk out of my blue and brown scraps!!

But they did provide a great solution to the problem……

The church eventually moved to another location and the banners were not needed. This particular set has now been donated to another church meeting in a school. I am happy to know that they are still being used……

On Saturday I will post about the second set…..

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