Church Banner – Part 2

On Thursday I posted about the first church banner that I made to help the aesthetics of a church that we once belonged to. You can check out that POST HERE. These first banners had a dark, wintry feel to them.

Today I want to share the second set of banners that I made….this time with a Spring feel to them.

I have always loved bright scraps paired with navy blue setting pieces so that was my inspiration for these banners.

The “windows” were pieced on muslin and the strip border was pieced across a piece of adding machine tape.

Here are the finished products…..

To give the banner more body, I backed it with a medium weight upholstery fabric and there was no batting or quilting.

When they were no longer needed, they were returned to me and currently sit folded on my closet shelf. But now I REALLY want to do something with them and am thinking about cutting the blocks and strip border out and using those in another project….but WHICH project!!

The blocks measure 6 inches finished, so I could easily cut out a 5.5 inch square and the strip border is 2.25 inches wide so I could cut it down to 2.0. Now I just need to ruminate on this idea for a while and see what pops up.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!

Fabric banners help with Church aestheteics

Many years ago Michael and I were attending a church that met in a school gym. Needless to say, the aesthetics were less than pleasing!! In an effort to soften the stage area, I made a series of banners that could hang on the back wall of the stage.

The first of these was a stylized cross….actually there were two of them!!!

I based it on a photo from some now-forgotten book and, since I didn’t have a pattern, I had to improvise as I went. Since I was making two of them and wanted them to be exactly the same, it was a very slow process!!! AND, it took a big chunk out of my blue and brown scraps!!

But they did provide a great solution to the problem……

The church eventually moved to another location and the banners were not needed. This particular set has now been donated to another church meeting in a school. I am happy to know that they are still being used……

On Saturday I will post about the second set…..