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Worry about gaps….not mistakes

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have been participating in Angela Walter’s Free-Motion Quilting Challenge called “Flora & Foliage”. It is not too late to join, so check it out HERE if you are interested.

When I last posted, I had been working on the first design…..a simple woodgrain filler. BUT, I ran out of thread before I finished it.

The next week I purchased the needed threads with the idea of finishing it on the weekend….one week after I had started it. BUT, a NASTY 3-day stomach flu meant that it was over TWO weeks before I got back to the design.

As I started quilting, I realized that I was pretty much lost and couldn’t remember exactly how to work the design in a column but I kept on going.

The AMAZING thing is that, when you look at the finished product, you can’t really tell when I was “out to sea”!!

One of the things that Angela reiterates is that you will notice a gap in the quilting long before you will notice an error and this example certainly proves her point!!

So this is where I am at the moment…….

Unfortunately, Angela has already presented the next TWO quilting designs so I really need to get caught up!!

I have watched the videos for the second design and am completely overawed by it…..guess I need to…….

Sign ups for my “Free Motion Quilting Boot-Camp” start tomorrow so come back for more information!!

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