Retreat roundup

This has to be the saddest picture at any quilting retreat…..

…packed up and ready to go home…..

….especially when it had looked like this for the last four days…..

Isn’t this a fantastic room??

We had a marvelous time of quilting and the finished products were flying out the door. Here are a few…..

This quilt was “almost finished” but she ran out of the blue fabric. Of course, there was more at home!!

There were also a number of new projects started and there was quite a bit of this going on…..

The really fun thing about quilting in a large group like this is that there is ALWAYS someone who has an opinion or a great idea for you to try!!!

There were numerous Quilts-of-Valor started/completed during the days including this piecing nightmare….

….and there is not a single unmatched point in this top….

…something to aspire to!!

Finally, my poor roommate, Linda, pieced hundreds of half-square triangles and was still smiling afterwards….

….but her quilt is going to be marvelous…..

It was a MARVELOUS few days with some great friends…..

I will leave you with a shot from the great outdoors….not that we spent much time there!!!!

As always, I am already looking forward to the next retreat!!!

3 thoughts on “Retreat roundup

  1. This looks like a fun retreat. And the quilts are unbelievable! A very talented bunch.

    1. Hi Susan. It was so much fun and was so relaxing to just be able to work on your project without worrying about meals, bedtimes or anything else!! Getting back to reality this week has been a bit of a shock!!

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