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Kaleidoscopic Fun!!

I don’t know about you but I used to LOVE the cardboard tube kaleidoscopes that we played with as kids!! As an adult (sort of), I still love to look thru one of the amazing handcrafted kaleidoscopes that exist.

Many years ago (1992 to be exact), our guild brought in Katie Pasquini Masopust (before she was super famous) to present a Kaleidoscope Quilt class, and I was immediately hooked!!

We started out with a piece of flannel taped to the wall and started working from the center out…adding each round as it came up.

As I worked thru the day, I kept cutting off small corners of my scraps and putting them in a circle around the piece so that I could decide what the next round would be.

When it came time to finish the quilt, I kept thinking about those triangles scattered around the kaleidoscope and wanted to figure out a way to incorporate them into the border and maybe some of the other blocks. I remember lying in bed one night and trying to figure out exactly how I could piece them in and realizing that it would be a mammoth task to accomplish. THEN the epiphany came….. why not do them as prairie points so they would add dimension to the quilt AND be much easier to piece!!!


I was using scraps for much of the piecing and was running REALLY short on greens!! So short that I didn’t have enough to add the triangles in the corners!! This seemed to be the only way to go…..

I love the final quilt and it is a great addition to my Spring decorating…..

….and I just have to smile when I see the prairie points!!!

5 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopic Fun!!

  1. The quilt is wonderful.
    I love reading your thought process and your trials and errors as you design a quilt.

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