Add two bay leaves

Today it is my turn to present the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge for February…..may I present BAY LEAVES!!!

Now I know that they look like the above, but I know them better like this…..

When I read more about them I found that fresh bay leaves have a very mild flavor but that it deepens when they are dried…..who knew!!

I started by picking fabric for my bay leaf block….

When I found this fossil fern on the shelf, I knew that my search was over….

Since I already had the background pieces cut, it was quick work to cut the fabrics……

Sub-cut the units…..

Do a little arranging…..

….a little sewing, ripping, re-cutting, and more sewing!!!

…..and the Bay Leaf block is finished!!

Each month we are supposed to show other quilts in the same color and I found that I don’t have very many green quilts. But there was this one…..

If you want to learn more about this quilt…..

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AND….it is not to late to join the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge….Click on the photo for more…..

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