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Winning with meandering flowers

The next step in Angela Walter’s Flora and Foliage Quilt-A-Long is the flower meander. In her introduction video, she promised that this was an easy design and she was exactly right!!!

We started with a basic “chrysanthemum” type of flower…..

I kept finding that I was bobbing my head with each one of the “bounces”. I am sure that it looked funny, but since the quilting was working well, I didn’t really care how it looked!!!

Then she suggested echoing the “petals” and I love the look that it gives…..

This photo reminds me of a 17th century wig.

The next meander used simple wavy lines to quilt the flowers. It was an even faster and easier way to create this design!!! Check out this video (from my guild retreat room) to see just how easy it was…..

I made up my own design for a portion of the flower….using wavy lines to echo around the flower center……

This photo gives you a good look at all of the flower meander designs that I tried…..

If you like the wavy flowers and lines, you might be interested in “MOVE IT!…a Free-Motion Quilting Bootcamp”. Those two designs are covered in the second week!!! Remember it is FREE!!

For more information check out this page.…..

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