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We are MOVING IT!!!

MOVE IT…..a Free-Motion Boot Camp has been up and running for 2 weeks and people are telling me that they are enjoying the practice and are getting more comfortable with new FMQ designs.

I am working hard to stay a few weeks ahead and am really enjoying learning new designs myself. This is where I am at this point….

I am sure happy with how this looks, even using the contrasting thread which means you can see each and every mistake!!!

But just look at the back where I used matching threads and fabrics…..

MOVE IT!! is an 8-week Boot Camp that you can start at any time. Each week I present two or more new designs to try with the idea that we add each design to our “toolbox”. This way, when a pattern says “Quilt as Desired”, we have LOTS of ideas!!!

If you are interested in joining, you can sign up HERE!!!

I hope that you will join me!!

2 thoughts on “We are MOVING IT!!!

  1. Your website is awesome with so many interesting articles posted. Looking forward to the 8 week classes on FMQ and excited to see how I will do. Thank you for the inspirations.

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