And so it begins…..

This is the first story from our recent trip to Mozambique. I plan to post one or two installments each week and then finish it out while we are back there in July. I hope that you enjoy your travels with me!!!

As I sat at the fire pit….

…..listening to the five conversations going on around me, I happened to glance up to see the moon’s glow filtering down thru the trees above, and I couldn’t help but thank God for allowing Michael and me to come on this trip!!

Mind you, it got off to a rocky start!!  As we were driving to the Atlanta Airport on Thursday morning, a gentleman in a BIG truck pulled out in front of us as Michael was traveling 50+ miles per hour.  Fortunately, there was no one in the oncoming lane, so Michael pulled one of his “Andretti” moves and managed to get around the truck before it hit us!!    Okay, we thought that was THE trip problem!!

We arrived at Dulles airport and found the bus that would take us to the hotel where we were overnighting.  After a 7 minute drive, we hopped out of the bus, gathered our suitcases and said with one voice, “where is the carry-on rolling bag”….the one that has ALL of our camera and video equipment totaling $5,000!!  At the same time, we both realized that we had left it at the airport bus stop!!!’.

The bus driver noted the panic in our faces and said, “hop back on and we will go back there”.   I stayed at the hotel and prayed mightily as Michael rode in the bus with the driver going as fast as he could go.   There was a collective sigh of relief when the lone bag was sitting just where we left it!!  OK….so THAT was our one thing to go wrong!!!

That Thursday was also Michael’s and my 44th wedding anniversary and, since we were in DC, we made reservations at our favorite restaurant….The Capital Grille on Pennsylvania Avenue.  We asked at the hotel desk the best way to get there, and she said “UBER!!” 

Now, I know that we are well-traveled but we had NEVER used UBER before.  Fortunately, I had set up an account years ago but had never had a reason to use it. 

Since we were still a bit shaken by the suitcase incident, we were leery to try something new, but finally, Michael said, “just book it”!!  I hopped on the App and 5 minutes later we were winging our way into town.  It was a great experience, and we had an interesting conversationalist for a driver.

Our dinner at CG was marvelous, starting with cocktails…..

…..and moving on to Caesar Salad, followed by Lamb chops, Parmesan fries and grilled asparagus….

When it came time to order dessert, our waiter brought out a sampler platter with small servings of two of their desserts served on a specially decorated plate. 

He definitely increased HIS tip!!

We left the restaurant and walked down one block and strolled along the National Mall, stopping to take a few photos of the magnificent buildings…..

When we were tired and ready to head back to the hotel, we pulled out the App and our car arrived in  just a few minutes.   I may never drive anywhere again!!

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the trip…..

6 thoughts on “And so it begins…..

  1. Good to get all of the problems out of the way before the main part of the trip starts. Or at least I hope that is the case?

  2. I do kind of expect the unexpected with you two! I’m happy to travel along virtually. Amazing campfire and a wonderful blessing for sure.

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