Buzzing the Mozambique plain!!

In yesterday’s post, I began to describe the 45 minute helicopter flight that I enjoyed!!

After we left the elephants, on we flew…..

Mark saw a flock of white birds (Egrets) in the air and headed toward them expecting to see a herd of Cape Buffalo.  His expectations were realized…..

Mark flew closer and stirred them up a bit but as we flew away, they resumed their heads-down clearing of the local foliage….

I loved looking into the pools that formed along the river areas, especially enjoying the lily pads that shown brightly in the morning sun…..

Since I had been wading in these waters only 4 days ago, I was NOT that excited to see the crocodiles sunning themselves in the reeds….

Sorry for the blurry photo, but you can still see just how BIG he was!!!

Mark’s eagle eyes noted two different groups of people and, in each case, flew closer to determine who they were and why they were there.   The first set were fishermen, and as the copter hovered overhead, they held up their fishing licenses to assure Mark that they were NOT poaching the fish.

As we approached the second set of four individuals, Mark announced that they were part of the anti-poaching team and they waved happily at their boss as he passed.  

These small teams are dropped off in one area of the Coutada and told to be at a different point in three days for pick-up.  They spend those three days walking the land and looking for any signs of poaching, keeping in contact with base camp using satellite phones.

We passed many herds of antelope and other plains game and most would run from the helicopter’s noise.

All too soon, we turned away from the flood plain and headed back to camp.  This video montage takes you on the full trip, from take-off to touch down…..

When we return in about two weeks, we are hoping for better weather so that we can spend even MORE time in the air!!!


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