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More 6-inch squares

Over the last few months I have been slowly working thru a stack of 6-inch squares that were donated to my charity bee. I started out with a pinwheel quilt, followed by a chinese coin and another unnamed design…..

…and yet I still had 58 left to use!!!

As I was scanning Facebook, I found a simple pattern that used triangles in each corner of a square and, when placed correctly, had a fun, motion-filled design.

Last weekend, I had a free day and a need to do some PIECING and fabric fondling so I pulled out the designs and got to work!!

Since I recently purchased an Accuquilt machine, I naturally wanted to use it to cut the triangles!!! I folded the squares in half and then put them over the dies and ran them thru the machine….

Perfect triangles with little fabric waste was the result…..

Now I needed to cut the 11×4.5 inch rectangles and ran into the problem of how to cut a strip that is wider than my 6.5 inch ruler!!! I imagine that some of you have had this problem as well, so I made a video to give you some tips……

Once cut, I found the center of both the strip and the triangles and used that to guide the placement and sewing of the triangles…….

When ironed, they looked like this…..

Now I needed to cut the pieces into 7.25-inch squares. This size wasn’t specified but was simply the largest square that I could cut from it.

I drew the guidelines on my ruler using a water-soluble marking pen….

and then used the guide to make the cuts……

When I left my studio at the end of the day, the quilt top was at this stage…..

I am going to make one more row to go on the top and may place the blocks so that the “square” will be in bright red fabrics.

It was a sweet day to spend in my studio, especially when there is a scrap quilt at the end of it!!!

5 thoughts on “More 6-inch squares

  1. Glad you are enjoying your accuquilt. I never thought I needed one until I saw this. I hope you show more use of the machine and what it will do. I might have to break down and buy one. I am also looking at the cricut to do lettering on my quilts. Enjoyed your safari. What a great experience. Jodie

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