Denim and Lace

Our guild issued a new challenge that was due at last night’s meeting. The quilt was to use a mixture of denim and lace. It didn’t have to use actual denim but the fabric needed to look similar to denim.

I didn’t have any flat lace and, when I looked at the fabric store, I didn’t find any that I was particularly excited about. Instead I pulled out my lace trims and was immediately drawn to these two…..

As I have said before, I LOVE daisy-type flowers and these seemed to be perfect for a floral arrangement, but how was I going to do the vase. As I thought more, I wondered if I could make it out of the flat lace, but how would I attach it?

I was trying to keep the quilt fast and easy and wondered if I could used wonder-under on it. I made a small test piece…..

…and found that I worked great, as long as I covered it with a silicone cloth. AND, once I had ironed it really well, the fusible in the open mesh dissolved as well!!

After cutting the vase out, I added fused on stems and started placing the flowers in the vase…..

Once again I wondered how to easily attach the flowers and turned back to Wonder-Under….

….putting a small piece on the fabric and then adding the flower on top.

When I had everything arranged, I pressed it well…..

…and had a look.

Hmmm. it definitely needs some color. How about yellow centers for the flowers…..

To finish the quilt, I added two small borders on one side, quilted/thread painted it a bit, and called it finished…..

Our next challenge has been announced….an 18×18 inch animal portrait that contains a metallic embellishment of some sort…..sounds interesting!!!

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