Continuing the search….

Before you read this post, please read part one……

When I left you, I was following in the wake of the guide, hunter and trackers…..

I had to work hard to keep up with them, but I would still find time to stop and take a quick photo of a flower, spider web or something else that caught my eye.

Now we reached the part that I had been dreading the most….slogging thru the wetlands!!  My first steps were tentative, and I found that I was trying to pull my pant legs up so that they wouldn’t get wet.   I quickly realized that was a futile action and just started concentrating on walking and, most importantly, staying upright!!!

After that first water crossing, I was more comfortable with the process.  It was fun, however, to listen to the squelching of the 5 people in front of me!!

At this point, I had no idea where these mythical buffalo were.   I would just do whatever the trackers did…..if they walked, I walked….

 If they stopped, I halted…… 

When they squatted down, I followed suit…. 

I don’t know what would have happened if they had broken out into a run….I assume that I would have RUN too!!

Julian explained that we had to move behind the herd, making sure that the wind was blowing into our faces rather than past us and on to the buffs.   When they would hear or smell us, they would turn and face us meaning that it was impossible to move closer.

During this entire escapade, I never SAW a single buff.   I heard them snorting several times but never laid eyes on them.  Julian promised me that I WOULD see them next time!!

Unfortunately, the wind was swirling, and we ended up spooking them several times.  After the third such event, Julian said that they were too spooked and that we should come back tomorrow!!

It felt good to take off the camera harness and relax a bit in the sun before we started the trip back to camp…..

Come back tomorrow for more……

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