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Hungry stomachs no more…..

Today I am talking about taking the meat from the buffalo that Michael had hunted and providing it to the villagers. If you want the WHOLE story start HERE…..

After our victorious lunch, we headed to the local village for the meat distribution.

On our other excursions from the camp, we have worked our way further into the bush but this afternoon we were heading toward civilization.  I started to see various huts and shacks…..

And then we started seeing children……

A TINY little boy with a BIG stick!!!!

I felt a bit like the Queen as I sat on the elevated seat in the back of the jeep, waving and smiling to every child that I saw.  

Word had gotten out that a meat delivery was imminent, and the crowds were already forming when we arrived.   It started out mostly as children….

….and we enjoyed watching a heated game of dodgeball.  Believe me, these little girls could THROW that ball!!!

And what is it about little boys and tires……

The village representative….

….came to us and shook our hands (one firm shake) to tell us thank you for providing the sustaining meat.

And I know that this photo may look gross to us…..

….but to these villagers, it’s “what’s for dinner”.

The village representative had to sign saying that he had received the meat………

……and then he and his son took the lead in organizing and handing out the meat. They know who received meat from the previous buffalo and ensure that it is shared between all of the villagers.

While we were waiting for the villagers to arrive, we did some videos that will be used in an upcoming Ted-X talk that Michael will be presenting in September……

The women soon arrived and the doling out of the meat took place…..

They then picked up their pans of meat, put them on their heads…..

And returned to their homes…..

The meat will be smoke-dried over a fire and eaten later.   Julian told me that they will boil the dried meat first to get rid of any mold or other toxic substances that have formed during the storage time, and then cook the “cleansed” meat.

It was a humbling experience to visit the village and even more to see their excitement and gratitude for two white people who were supplying food that will give nutrition to their children and strength to themselves and their families.

Please enjoy this video montage, but be warned that there are two scenes where the raw buffalo meat is shown. If you think of it as walking down the butcher aisle of your local grocer, you should be okay!!!

3 thoughts on “Hungry stomachs no more…..

  1. Boy have I enjoyed this adventure. So very interesting how they shoot and then distribute the meat. Enjoyed watching the children at play. Really not that different!

  2. How remarkable different cultures are but at the heart is family and community. well done! lovely montage!

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