Nyalla Cordon Bleu

This post includes some trophy hunting and I know that it could be offensive to some of you. But, before you move on, I would encourage you to read this post….. thanks!!

On Wednesday afternoon, we went out looking for Nyalla and Michael took a nice trophy.


Lest you think that the animal is just left there, I want to tell you about what happened to this particular trophy.

Francisco and Dolish loaded him into the truck and we headed to the skinning shed.  There the coat was removed and salted, ready to be cured for the trophy mount….

ALL of the rest of the meat was then taken to the kitchen to be used in our upcoming meals.

A portion of it was ground for mince but the two backstraps (the long pieces of meat that lie just to the side of the spine)…..

…..were kept for a special meal…..Nyalla Cordon-Bleu!!

The next day we had the opportunity to watch the meal being prepared and it was an interesting process.

The camp chef, Lorenzo,  has worked there for 27 years….

 He spent 6-months at a cooking course in Maputo to learn his trade, and he has perfected it well!!

He alone worked on the meat while one aide washed dishes and his “sous-chef”, (Shiku) chopped green beans for the vegetable rice that would go with the meal….

Watch as he stuffs the meat and prepares it to be marinated.   I apologize for the flashing thru the video, we were trying to get still photos at the same time as the video!!

The female voice in the background is Poppy….the camp manageress. 

As he finished stuffing the second piece of meat, I enjoyed a wander around the kitchen.   First I found all of the ingredients that had gone into the marinade…..

…followed by these cabbages that were waiting to be chopped into coleslaw…..

We have coleslaw at every meal, and it is a cool, palette cleansing addition.

I loved this basket….

….and am wondering if I can find one when I travel into the nearest town, but I have NO idea how I would transport it!!

Finally, they have a jar of garlic paste used on many things, and I was not surprised to see a LARGE bag of cloves waiting to be peeled and chopped.

Dinner is served buffet style and the first dish contained the meat specialty…..

There was a gravy/sauce to pour over the meat and the meal was finished out with vegetable rice, roast potatoes, and steamed vegies….

Desert were crepes….yes, you heard that right.   In deepest, darkest, Africa, we have eaten flan, crepes, apple crumble, cake with custard and other amazing “puddings” (the British term for sweets). 

Thus ended the saga of the Nyalla hunt.   It started out as looking for a trophy to hang on the wall and ended as a meal fit for a king!!

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