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Say Cheese – Part 2

Yesterday I started writing about my afternoon of photography. Check it out HERE…..

We spent a fair bit of time watching a herd of Sable…..

These are such elegant animals and astounding when viewed from the side.

I loved seeing the 2 babies at one side of the grouping….

It was also fun to see the Red-Billed Oxpeckers “feeding” on bugs in the Sable coats….

It probably felt good to the sable as well!!!

I was mesmerized by these animals and they seemed perfectly happy to stand and pose for me, so I took a LOT of shots….

This bull was a beauty……

Now for the funny story….  As we drove along, a herd of 10 or so of Lichentenstein Hartebeest gamboled across the road ahead of us.  When we reached their crossing lane, Julian stopped the truck and I started looking for more animals on the side where they had come from.   After I fruitlessly scanned the area for a minute, Dolish reached over, tapped my leg, and sheepishly pointed to the OTHER side of the road. 

There they all stood wondering why the white woman wasn’t busy snapping photos!!

I happily complied and was rewarded with this shot of an adult male…..

….and this photo of a young bull whose horns were just starting to grow…..

As we have driven thru the bush in the past days, there are a myriad of Wart Hogs hiding next to the road, just waiting for an opportunity to jump out as you drive by. Their sudden burst from hiding can be startling and so far I had only been able to get photos of their retreating butts!!!

I was thrilled to capture this male….

The final shot of the night came just before we returned to camp and, interestingly, the photo looked nothing like the actual scenery.  I wanted to photograph a beautiful blue sky with wispy clouds turned cotton-candy pink by the setting sun.

The UV-filter on the lens could apparently see colors that were not available to my optic nerve and the photo came out like this……

There it is….the quintessential African bush photo.

I could not be happier!!

7 thoughts on “Say Cheese – Part 2

  1. Just love these animals! An so many “deer” (can’t think of a group name for them)! I especially liked the sable. Your phots are stunning.

      1. Thanks Susan. It is a herd of deer and the Sable have been my favorites too!! On this second trip I have been able to photograph lots of birds so I am in heaven!!!!

  2. Frances, I am enjoying the big game photos. Especially the wart hog. He is such an ugly creature that he is cute. Are there giraffes where you are? I was told at Disney they are very curious and love to come up close to people. Disney is the closest I have been to a Safari. So Enjoy It. Love the photos you are sharing. Jodie

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