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It’s Milling Time….

After seeing the gorgeous agricultural fields, we were wondering exactly what they did with the corn and grains that they were growing.

Mark told us that there was a portable milling machine that made the rounds to each village and today we could visit one….

The machine itself is nothing fancy…..

The dried kernels (white corn in this case) are scooped into a basket…..

…. poured into the top of the machine…..

….and this amazing flour comes out the other end……

We asked if the flour was used for bread but Mark said “no….they make porridge with it”!!

When the flat baskets are full…..

….they are combined into a large dish-pan to be carried home…..

As much as I enjoyed seeing the milling process, I was equally enamored with the way that these women carried their children.

Some were wrapped tightly around them using a large scarf…..

….while some seemed to be holding on for dear life to Mom’s back….

….and my back hurt watching this woman….

The grains waiting to be milled were laid out on cloths around the grass….

And of course there was one little boy with a tire…..

It was interesting watching this whole process….

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