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Getting there is half the fun!!

If you have been following along, I have been writing about our first trip to Mozambique. Now that we have finished with that trip, it is time to move onto the 2nd one!!!

My plan is to post a couple of stories every week (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

So….let’s get going!!

Our flights to DC and then on to Addis and Beira were, for the most part, uncomplicated!!!

In DC, we went back to Capital Grille for our send-off meal and were treated to amazing food and a wonderful ambiance.   We took a quick walk along the National Mall, and then returned to the hotel.

We are always concerned about the weight and amount of our baggage but when you stand in the line for Ethiopian airlines, you feel as if you are carrying a mere pittance of luggage.  The airline allows 2 checked bags per person and 3 if you are a member of their flight club.  Believe me, the passengers make good use of this perk!!!!

This was the luggage for ONE family…….

As we watched more and more large carts of suitcases arrive, we began to wonder if the plane would be able to get off the ground!!!!

We also kept seeing people checking boxes holding 60+ -inch TVs!!  One of the gentlemen that we talked to told us that Ethiopia had recently removed the tariffs associated with these TVs so EVERYBODY was bringing them home!!!

The funniest thing about the flights were 5 guys (I THINK that they were male) in full contamination gear……

It was a bit disconcerting to have them board our flight and we debated about running, screaming from the plane!!!  We finally decided that they were just hyper about COVID contaminations!!!

The helicopter was waiting for us as we left the airport in Beira and we once again enjoyed the views….

I love the way this river winds around……

When  I saw this, I was concerned that the camp might be super flooded as well…..

…..but pilot Pete assured me that the camp was much dryer than it had been the last time we were there!!

We were once again greeted by the camp staff and made to feel welcome in our tent. 

It was good to return so soon after our last trip and we both felt like we were coming home!!!


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