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Getting back to quilting

Now that we are home, it is time for me to focus on MY pursuits for a while!!! There are so many fun, quilty things coming up in the next 3 months and I am excitedly making plans!!

The first order of business is to get back to my free-motion quilting practice.

I have almost finished the Angela Walters quilt-a-long……

I am really struggling with the last two designs….the elongated swirl and the swirl chain. Hopefully, I can do some practice this weekend and finish up this piece.

This challenge has been fun to work on and have learned so much from it. As a matter of fact, I have enjoyed it so much that I have purchased two other of her challenges!!

The first one that I am going to work on is the “Free Motion Quilting with Rulers” challenge…….

It will be a great way to learn more about all of those rulers that I bought last summer!!

I have also been hearing a lot about “Glide” thread and purchased the matching threads so I can give them a try…..

Next, I will work on the “Echos and Curves” challenge……

….and here is the thread pack for it……

I want to work on these between some other planned projects!!

Stay tuned for lots of quilting!!

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