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Studio Task Board

I LOVE to make lists!!!

And before you ask, yes I have written something on the list after I have done it just so I can mark it off!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, I plan to spend a lot of time in my studio in the next few months so, naturally, I felt the need to make a list!!!

While walking thru the school supplies section of Walmart, I had the idea of making a task board for the studio!! I mounted the whiteboard on the closet door and started adding things to do……

I set one section for projects that are already started or need to be started and one for Frances Quilts business tasks.

The other two are for possible projects and those with deadlines approaching!!

Obviously, I didn’t add ALL of the projects that I need and/or want to work on, but these are the ones at the top of the list!!

I hope that this will encourage me to keep on track and start crossing things off!!

4 thoughts on “Studio Task Board

  1. Agreed. Lists have always been my friend. Or foe. But it does help the process. I’m trying to wean myself off hand written shopping lists and going to my phone ap (Out of Milk) but it’s not going very well.

    1. I gave up on using my phone for groceries. I needed something that both Michael and I could write on!!! We will see if the studio task board actually helps or hurts!!!

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