Hemingway applies to quilters??

My husband Michael LOVES to read the works of Ernest Hemingway and has often talked about his practice of preparing for the next day’s work. He would always write the first sentence of the chapter that he was writing on the next day……ie….he “primed” the pump so that he was READY when he sat at the typewriter.

During this creative season, I have talked often about feeling overwhelmed with projects…”works in progress” as well as “want to do”, and “have to do” projects. And, often the hardest part is deciding which to do first!!

As I am writing this, I am heading to a week-long quilting retreat and have picked a simple scrap project to work on while there. That way I can enjoy the sewing process while still able to enjoy the conversations and women that I will share the time with.

However, in following Heminway’s suggestion, I have already made preparations for my next project which will be started when I return!!

And the project is…..

……May I have the envelope, please!!!………

The SADDLE-BILL STORK from Mozambique!!

The patterns are in place…..

The initial fabric pull has been done…..

And I am EXCITED!!!!

Stay tuned for things to come…..

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