Pressing Matters

This past week at my guild retreat I found out something that I didn’t know…..

Irons come in different wattages!!

Who knew!!

This came about because I was using a no-steam iron and was amazed at how flat the scrap blocks were…..

I also liked using a dry iron rather than adding steam to the fabrics and felt as if they were less distorted.

Come to find out, the iron was 40-plus years old and was a 1700 watt iron.

As we talked about this among ourselves, someone mentioned that irons came in different wattages. As I did more research, I found out that higher watt irons heat up faster and get hotter!!

I checked my irons when I got home and found that they were both 1500 watt irons.

I have been looking online to see how high I could go, and found one at 2000 watts but it has no reiews so that is a red-flag to me.

Next I found several at 1800 watts. The two highest rated are both brands that I have never heard of and are not super expensive ($30 – $40).

What would you do????

Do you have a favorite iron??

Please give me any advice that you can!!!!

8 thoughts on “Pressing Matters

  1. I have a T Fal I bought a Sam’s. 1700 watts. Also the new oliso irons come is 3 different wattages. The yellow one is 1800 and the blue 1700 I think the other one is pink 1500. The most expensive one is 1800. Mine is blue and works well. I also bought a GE at the Vermont country store that is a dry iron and 1800 watts. It is first sold in 1960s. It works great. But no steam. I use it with a wool ironing board when I piece. It helps flatten seams well Jodie

  2. I’ve tried the Rowenta (both leaked), the Shark (held up pretty well) and I’m back to a basic Black & Decker.

    1. I didn’t find anything wrong with the Beatural except that it didn’t provide anything that I didn’t already have!! If it is like the one I tried, you KNOW when it cuts off because it dings a BUNCH of times!!

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