Beautiful Flora in Marromeu Complex

Yesterday we talked about the trees of Marromeu… let’s move to other types of flora!

Dylan kept reminding me that it was mid-winter there and that flowers were few and far between, but we still managed to see some gorgeous specimens!!

The most interesting was this flower that is fairly rare and Dylan said we were lucky to see one in bloom.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the plant, but the up-close photos were something to remember…..

This delicate plant was found in one of the pans that we walked thru…..

Remember that the pans are depressions in the earth that are filled with grass and often contain water during the wet seasons…..

This flower reminds me of some that are growing in my yard right now….

And, no matter where I am, I will take photos of Water Lillies……

This pond was in the middle of one of the pans and I would have loved to get closer but that would have meant a lot of wading.

On our last day, Dylan wanted to show us one of the interesting vines in the area. This vine holds water and the larger animals (particularly the elephants) will scout it out for hydration.

Dylan kept his eyes in the forest beside the road as he drove and quickly found what he was looking for. He ued the machette to cut a 3-foot chunk out of the woody vine and then demonstrated how much water it would hold…..

After we stopped oohing and aahing, he handed us the branch and told us to drink it……

The water was sweet and cool and tasted great. For some reason, I couldn’t seem to remember to swallow as I drank so ended up wearing most of it…..

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