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Making larger spaces smaller…..

One of the things that I have learned from Angela Walters Ruler-FMQ challenge is the importance of taking a large space and turning it into something special.

The best way to do this is to make the area smaller and split it into different motifs.

In this case, I was filling in an empty space on the Ruler-FMQ challenge.

I started by using an arch edge to make three passes across the sides of the blocks…..

Since the ruler was smaller than the side, I would stitch to the middle of the ruler and then move it over to meet the other corner.

After I made one pass around the block, I used the 1/4″ foot to free-hand two more passes, adding a teardrop in each corner…..

I then used a Westalee ruler to create a motif in the center of the square…..

I really like the final result…..

As I look at it now, I am thinking that it might be fun to add some back-and-forth squiggly lines inside those outer arches.

I will wait until I quilt the borders and then decide if it needs more.

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